5300 m/17400 ft
Highest Point
90 Km
Trail Length

Pin Parvati Pass Trek: A Strenuous Trans-Himalayan Odyssey

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Pin Parvati Pass Trek, an awe-inspiring trans-Himalayan journey that unveils the stark contrast between the barren Pin Valley on the Spiti side and the lush green Parvati Valley on the Kullu side. This challenging trail is reserved for experienced and physically active hikers who have tackled high Himalayan multi-day camping treks on multiple occasions.

Pin parvati Pass trek

Brief Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Reach Manali by Noon – Guest house accommodation at Vashisht (3 Km above Manali bazaar)
  • Day 2: Drive to Barsheni – 110 Km – 4 hours – Trek to Kheer Ganga 9 Km – 5 hours
  • Day 3: Kheer Ganga to Tundabhuj– 12 Km – 6/7 hours
  • Day 4: Tundabhuj to Thakur Kuan– 6 Km – 3 hours
  • Day 5: Thakur Kuan to Odi Thatch – 10 Km – 5/6 hours
  • Day 6: Odi Thatch to Mantalai – 9 Km – 5/6 hours
  • Day 7: Mantalai to base camp on Parvati side – 10 Km – 7/8 hours
  • Day 8: Parvati side base camp to Pin side base over Pin Parvati Pass – 9 Km – 7/8 hours
  • Day 9: Pin side base to Mud via Chinpatta Maidan– 25 Km – 9/10 hours – Camp or Drive to Kaza – 45 Km – 2 hours
  • Day 10: Drive from Mud/Kaza to Manali – 245/200 Km – 12/10 hours
  • Day 11: Mandatory buffer/rest day (will be utilized if required, or a rest/acclimatization day at Mantalai).

Why Pin Parvati Pass Trek with GVH?

  1. Expertise Matters: With years of experience operating on this challenging trail since 2011, we are among the few reliable tour operators capable of safely navigating the passage between Pin and Parvati valleys.
  2. Weather Window Priority: We prioritize selecting the most suitable weather window, ensuring your safety and enhancing the overall trekking experience.
  3. Intact and Pristine: The trail is carefully managed, avoiding overcrowding, and remains intact and pristine, providing a truly immersive wilderness experience.
  4. Local Guides: Our trek does not include a Trek Leader, but we provide best-in-class support and local trekking guides selectively chosen for the Pin Parvati trek.

Pin parvati Pass trek- GVH

Best Time/Season for Pin Parvati Pass Trek:

  1. Pre-monsoon/Summer (June – July): Best from the third week of June to around the 20th of July. Starting earlier increases the chances of encountering snow from lower altitudes.
  2. Post-monsoon/Fall (September – October): Ideal from September to mid-October. October can be cold, especially on the Spiti side, and the chances of fresh snowfall increase.

Challenges of Pin Parvati Pass Trek:

  1. High Fitness Requirement: Physically and mentally demanding, the trek covers around 90 km, and rucksack offloading is not allowed. You must carry all your belongings, ensuring safety and readiness for any situation.
  2. Diverse Terrain: Negotiate boulder and moraine stretches, icy river crossings, and crevasse-filled glaciers around the pass, presenting a challenging and varied trail.
  3. Tricky Sections: Navigate tricky sections with potential exposure, including crossing natural boulders on rivers without ropes, such as Pandu Pul and Chhota Pandu Pul.

Pin parvati pass trek -Green valley Himalayas

Reaching Vashisht, Manali (The Trek Base):

Our trek base is Vashisht, 3 km uphill from Manali. Reach Manali by road from Delhi or Chandigarh, with various bus services operated by both government and private agencies.

  1. From Delhi: Buses start from late afternoon to 10 pm, taking up to 15 hours to cover the 560 km distance.
  2. From Chandigarh: Regular bus services start early morning till 6 am, covering around 320 km.
  3. Return Journey: Overnight buses from Manali to Delhi, including Volvo services, reach in 13/14 hours.

Prepare for an exhilarating and challenging journey through the heart of the Himalayas with the Pin Parvati Pass Trek. This trail promises unparalleled beauty, diverse landscapes, and an experience that will etch itself into your memory forever. Choose Great Himalayan Vacations for a trek that challenges, inspires, and connects you with the raw essence of the Himalayas.

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Duration: 9 days of trek; Manali to Manali in 11 days.

Prerequisite: At least 2 Moderate grade prior Himalayan treks experience of around ~ 4500 m/14760 ft or above.

Grade: Difficult

Physicality: 8/10

Trail Length: 90 Km

Highest Point: Pin Parvati Pass ~ 5300 m/17400 ft.

Seasons: mid June to mid October (expect a month from Mid July to mid August).

Further Option: Combine Bhaba Pass trail to connect with Kinnaur.

Access: Trek’s starting point and end point is Manali.

Railway station: Chandigarh (STN Code: CDG) or Delhi. Busses to Manali.

 Airport: Delhi, Chandigarh, Kullu airport at Bhuntar (Code: KUU, avoid this as flights get cancelled frequently)

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Upcoming Scheduled Dates for Pin Parvati Pass Trek:

  • For your convenience, you can review the scheduled Fixed Departure dates in the calendar provided within the Booking Form or the REGISTER NOW form. The starting dates of the tour are highlighted according to our 11-day itinerary.
  • Currently, the BOOK NOW functionality is disabled. However, you can still receive all the necessary information via email by completing the REGISTER NOW form.
  • In case you’re part of a group and the available dates don’t align with your schedule, you have the option to choose the Custom date mode. Simply click on “Select your custom date” and fill in the displayed form accordingly.
  • You can also refer to our TREK CALENDAR to get a quick overview of all the available dates.
  • Participants are required to arrive in Manali by noon on Day 1 of the trek. The return journey to Manali is scheduled for Day 11 in the afternoon, around 4 pm. Please make sure to arrange your tickets for both the inward and return journeys accordingly.
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Access to Manali (The Trek Base)

Arranging Transportation: Depending on the number of trek members, arrangements can be made for a pickup and drop from Chandigarh to Manali (320 Km) and back.

By Bus:

  1. From Delhi: Buses typically depart in the afternoon from Delhi and reach Manali the next day by noon. The journey duration is around 14 to 16 hours, covering a distance of approximately 550 Km. Both government-run HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) and HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) buses as well as private operators offer services. HRTC buses start from Kashmiri Gate ISBT, while HPTDC buses start from Himachal Bhavan, Janpath.
  2. From Chandigarh: Regular bus services for Manali commence in the early morning from Chandigarh ISBT. The journey takes approximately 8 to 10 hours, covering a distance of around 320 Km.

Return Journey: Volvo services from Manali to Delhi usually start in the afternoon around 4:30/5 pm, with the last HRTC bus departing at 9:30 pm for Delhi.

By Train/Flight: Travelers can reach New Delhi or Chandigarh by train or flight from various cities across India before proceeding to Manali by bus.

Accommodation in Manali: For participants of Himalaya Trekkers (HT) fixed departure treks, accommodation is provided in Manali at Vashisht, 3 km uphill. The inclusions are specified in the provided PDF brochure for the chosen trek. Alternatively, trekkers interested in spending more time in Manali can inquire about accommodation options at state-operated HPDC hotels, which offer a variety of choices including premium, deluxe, and budget options.

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Day 1

Arrival in Manali and Relaxation in Vashisht

Arrive in Manali by noon/afternoon and settle into your accommodation at Vashisht (~1950 m/6400 ft), known for its hot springs and tranquil temple.
Spend the afternoon exploring the area, including a refreshing walk towards Jogini Falls, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Himalayas.
Accommodation in lodge/guest house, preparing for the adventurous journey ahead.
Day 2

Drive to Barsheni and Trek to Kheerganga

Depart from Manali in the early morning and drive to Barsheni (~2200 m/7200 ft) via Kasol and Manikaran, covering a distance of 110 km in approximately 4 hours.
Begin the trek to Kheerganga, a 9 km walk through enchanting forests to the picturesque meadow of Kheerganga (~2920 m/9580 ft), believed to be the meditation site of Lord Shiva.
Enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the natural hot springs and camp overnight amidst the serene surroundings
Day 3

Trek to Tundabhuj

Trek 12 km to Tundabhuj (~3400 m/11150 ft), following the scenic Parvati River valley through grazing grounds and montane forests.
Set up camp at Tundabhuj, nestled amid birch forests, with stunning views of the Parvati River and the towering Pandu Shilla rock formations.
Day 4

Trek to Thakurkuan

Embark on a short 6 km trek to Thakurkuan (~3600 m/11800 ft), tracing the course of the Parvati River through rocky terrain and dense forests.
Camp overnight at Thakurkuan, surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Himalayan landscape
Day 5

Trek to Odi Thatch

Continue the trek to Odi Thatch, covering a distance of 10 km in approximately 5/6 hours, along the banks of the Parvati River.
Traverse through alpine meadows and cross the iconic Pandu Pool, offering breathtaking views of the Kullu Eiger peak.
Camp overnight at Odi Thatch, soaking in the tranquility of the pastoral grounds.
Day 6

Trek to Mantalai

Trek 9 km to Mantalai (~4100 m/13500 ft), the origin of the Parvati River, passing through marshlands and glacial moraines.
Marvel at the vast expanse of Mantalai Lake and set up camp amidst the serene marshland surroundings.
Day 7

Trek to Parvati Base Camp

Embark on a challenging 10 km trek to Parvati Base Camp (~5000 m/16500 ft), navigating steep ridges and rocky terrain.
Camp at the edge of the glacier, overlooking the majestic Parvati Pass, and prepare for the journey ahead
Day 8

Trek to Pin Side Base Camp via Pin Parvati Pass

Begin early morning for a 9 km trek across the vast ice field towards Pin Parvati Pass (~5300 m/17400 ft), negotiating crevasses and icy slopes.
Enjoy panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and descend to Pin Side Base Camp (~4500 m/14800 ft) via steep rocky ridges.
Set up camp amidst the grassy patches along the banks of the Pin River, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Spiti Valley.
Day 9

Trek to Mud

Trek 25 km to Mud (~3750 m/12300 ft), the first village in the Pin Valley, following the left bank of the Pin River through barren yet picturesque landscapes.
Enjoy scenic views of the colorful mountains as you gradually descend towards the village.
Camp overnight in Mud, marking the end of your trekking adventure in the Himalayas.
Day 10

Drive Back to Manali

Depart from Mud and drive back to Manali, covering a distance of 245 km in approximately 12 hours via Kaza, Kunzum La, and Rohtang Pass.
Reflect on the unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes encountered during the trek.
The trip concludes upon reaching Manali, with memories to last a lifetime.
Day 11

Buffer Day

Utilize this extra day as needed for rest or to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances during the trek, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.
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Trek Fee: ₹55,000 (Manali to Kaza) + 5% GST.


One-night accommodation at Vashisht village, Manali (Day 1) on a twin or triple-sharing basis. Meals on your own on this day.
 Car drop from Manali to the trek starting point Barsheni.
All meals during the trek (Day 2 lunch to Day 10 dinner), including breakfast, packed/hot lunch, snacks, and dinner with coffee/tea/soup.
 Experienced Trekking Guide with profound knowledge of the trekking trails.
 Specialized Cook, Support staff, and Porters for carrying the central logistics of the trek.
 Stay in tents on twin sharing basis during the trek.
Camping equipment like Sleeping bags, Carry mattresses, Gaiters, Microspikes/crampons.
 Kitchen tent, dining tent, and toilet tent as required during the trek.
 Any permit fee, camping charges, or Forest levy required for the trek.
 Car drop from Mud to Kaza.
 One night stay at Mud or Kaza (Day 10) on a sharing basis and dinner.
 Travel and Medical insurance policy covering high-altitude trekking and mountaineering up to 6500 m.

Food during your stay at Vashisht, Manali (Day 1 and Day 2 breakfast).
Transportation back from Kaza to Manali.
Offloading of the backpack (NOT recommended for safety).
Cost of buffer day (if utilized during the trek).
Tips/gratuities to the GVH support staff.
Anything not mentioned in the “Inclusions” or personal.

Note: You need to carry your backpack along with all your personal belongings and the sleeping bag. This is mandatory for safety reasons on a difficult trek.

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  • We assume that you have read and understood our “Terms & Conditions” (https://greenvalleyhimalayas.com/terms-and-conditions) before Booking a trek/tour.
  • To reserve your place in a scheduled Fixed Departure trek or a Customised/Private trek pay 25% of the TREK/TOUR FEE as the initial “Booking Deposit”. You can pay by Net banking/Draft/Cheque/Credit/Debit/AMEX cards. This will ensure your participation in the desired trek and we will reserve your place on the scheduled date. You need to pay the remaining amount at least 15 days before the Trek Starting Date.
  • If you book a Trek/Tour before 14 days or less from the Trek/Tour Starting Date, you need to pay the full TREK/TOUR FEE.


  • “Booking Amount” i.e.25% of the TREK/TOUR FEE is Non-Refundable at any stage.
  • If in case you are not able to make it due to unavoidable reasons (s), we provide you avery flexible choice of Shifting to another trek within the next one year. One year is counted from the starting date of the trek/tour you booked initially with us.
  • In case you postpone your trip you need to inform a minimum of 15 days before the trek/tour starting date. (Though we suggest to inform us earlier if know)
  • In case you postpone a trek/tour 15 days before the scheduled Trek/Tour Starting date or prior, you may shift to another group of the same trek/tour scheduled in the same season or within the next one year. You may shift to another suitable route also. For changing any, you need our approval first. Your request must be in written communication through your registered email with us.
  • If you cancel/postpone a trek/tour from 14 days to 8 days before the tour starting date, your Booking Amount is Non-Refundable. We will not take any requests for shifting dates. We will charge 50% of the amount as Cancellation Charges and process a refund of the remaining 50%. You may also shift to another group within next year but 25% Booking Amount will be deemed as Cancellation Charge and the rest amount will be transferred to the shifted group.
  • If you cancel a trek/tour 7 days (i.e. a week) before the Trek/Tour Starting Date or later, there will be NO REFUND.
  • In case of any unforeseen incident including but not limited to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, landslide, forest fire, or any political unrest, if we are compelled to cancel the trek/trip, you will be entitled to redeem the full amount for the same/similar kind of trek/trip within next one year.

If you need more clarifications write to info@greenvalleyhimalayas.com

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Pin parvati Pass trek

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