Brahmatal – A Frozen Lake With a Lone Tree

Every person you attracted,
Every animal you pat,
Every place you missed,
Every living in-universe is connected through a magnetic link and it’s affected to life.

That’s what I felt after returning from my first trek to Brahmatal with this company called Green valley Himalayas.


Brahmatal is a moderate trek for beginners or solo trekkers. Right, from the base camp you see the jaw-dropping view of the Himalayan range, being specific Mt. Trishul & Mt. Nanda Ghunti. The golden hour is so damn beautiful cause when the sun rays fall on the snow-covered mountains, trust me that’ll be the best thing you’ll experience. So the lust of getting closer makes you climb those mountains.


Things I Wish I knew Earlier

Things if I knew earlier, would make my trek a little easier:
~ Acclimatization is a must, I know you’re strong but nature is strongest.
~ keeping yourself hydrated is suggested by all, but in an appropriate amount & interval is what’s necessary.
~ No you ain’t gonna see a drop in fat percent unless you have your protein bars.
~ Stretching almost all muscle at the beginning and end of the day just helps to avoid soreness & helps make a fresh start the next day.
~ Alcohol & cigarette is fun but not on the trek it’ll just decrease the fun of your hiking, instead have it when you return and try imagining the view, believe me, It’s gonna be the best hangover ever.
~ Take along all the trek essentials rather than borrowing or asking trek leaders.

But don’t worry all of the above all be take care of by the GVK team but you need to make sure to support and follow the same.


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April 3, 2024
Arjun is very hospitable and presentable to his clients. He took care of all our basecamp related facilities well. I'd definitely recommend Green Valley Himalayas for trekking in and around Sankri region.
January 18, 2023
Thank you Arjun for wonderful journey and homestay to us.. Your home is nothing less than heaven and it is home away from home with all the facilities in the middle of the mountains.. Really appreciable and i would recommend to people who love to trek must contact to Arjun for their best experience of trekking and journey.

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