Saint Augustine once said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” Self exploration which is the analysis of one’s own unrealized spiritual & intellectual capacities is an essential for finding out the true purpose of life. People need to take some time out from their busy schedules to find answers to some unasked questions. Encouraging & empowering people to take the first step towards this traversal, green valley himalayas is a dehradun based adventure travel company that delivers a comprehensive range of experiential learning based travels & treks to a wide spectrum of audience. “Travel gives us time to think, learn new things & meet new people besides introspection and understanding different perspectives.

With a believe that little changes can create a big impact, The Searching Souls envisages to deliver a responsible & soulful travel experience & diminish the ‘buzz travel’ tradition that decimates the concept of learning essence & travel health from travels. Giving back to the environment & the community, this organization is one of the few that follow a zero waste policy & employ local talents & businesses to furnish their travel needs like guiding, food & accommodation. The use of trash bags ensures litter free tours while the use of local home stays & heritage houses helps the villagers generate some income. Being both cost-effective & mutually beneficial, these measures enable the firm to furnish spectacular services without compromising on quality.


The Team

Arjun Rawat { FOUNDER OF GVH }

After completing my studies, I felt that something was missing in my life. It felt like there is no living without being in the mountains. Sometime passed. And then i met these two people who had considered mountains as their way of living – it gave me a ray of hope. And then i realised that other people also have the right to experience this simple beauty. So i started taking people for treks. It has been 8 years now. People come with us to the mountains and they leave behind some beautiful experiences and memories in the mountains.

I urge all of you to come to the mountains, and experience the beauty


prakash rawat { MANAGER }

After studying for 15 years, I studies hotel management. For next 5 years, I worked in different cities. But somewhere I felt the need to go away from the busy city life, traffic pollution and loud noise. Somewhere, where the air is pure and there is no pollution. I started trekking and went to a lot of adventurous places. I felt peace. And then somewhere, a thought came. I wanted to make the city people experience the peace and fresh air I got in the mountains. I started taking people on treks, so that they could experience the feeling of being surrounded by the mountains. It has been 5 years now since then. (Working within the four corners of the office gives money. But when your home is the places you go, you find happiness)

devendar rawat{ SENIOR trek LEADER }

I am dev rawat, my village is Sour which is in Sankari. And after finishing my studies, I started getting lost in the mountains to avoid this crowd. So go there and enjoy. And the first trek of my life was Rupin Pass which was blissful and realized that this life form is fun. Then people started running their companies in Sankari, then we realized that it is better to work for themselves than outside of seven people, and then with the decision of friends, GREEN VALLY HIMALAYAS has opened a website, so now seven people And trust is our seven. And this company is a local that can make people feel and feel better about the mountains.



cook-:  1. devashis panwar

2. Ranveer singh

3. Hardev singh

HALPER-: 1. Dev singh

2. Anu rana

3. Randev rana

4. Harish lal

5. raju rana

GUIDE-: 1. dev singh

2. yash singh

3. manish rawat

4. nisha thapa

5.  sachin chauhan







Har dev Singh Rana (Cook)

I have been working in the mountains since 12 years. And how your heart fills with joy when you see the slow clad mountains, my food does that to your stomach. The aroma and taste..! I and my team of cooks ❤️











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