Har Ki Dun – A Trek Initiated by Pandavas (Review)
Har Ki Dun


Har Ki Dun – One of the most beautiful trekking destinations of the Great Himalayas that lies in Uttarakhand, India.

In this lockdown almost every Indian came across the famous mythology – Mahabharata. The journey of all the characters and the life lessons it taught. chahe kuch sikhe ya na sikhe, parivar ke sang kafi aacha vakt bitaye sab. hai, na?

Har Ki Dun

I got so lucky to end my trip just a day before the lockdown started. yeah, you heard it right! I went on a winter snow trek. So starting from where it all started. On my last birthday, a promise myself to celebrate and treat with a trek. So to keep up I was done planning it with a trekking company called Green Valley Himalayas. These people helped me with everything from essential gears to lifesavers.

How did the Journey to Har Ki Dun Start?

On day one I took a bus destined till Dehradun and was received by the GVH team. A chilly welcome cause Delhi was hot & here it’s already feeling cold, having thought of how would I survive the Himalayan snowy breeze but chai was served, everything then was okay. In a while, I started meeting people who were my trek mates or companion on this wonderful journey.

All the rumors I heard of ‘the perfect blend of culture and beauty in the Himalayas. Getting to experience the ancient Himalayan villages along with breathtakingly beautiful valleys, lakes and meadows is a very rare combination to come by.’ Believe me, it was real. Almost at every drink and breath stop, I used to stare at the landscape like the love of my life was in front of me.

A Brief Story Behind Har Ki Dun

On your way towards Har ki Dun trek, you’ll come across a small beautiful hamlet, Osla. It lies in the valley of Majestic Swargarohini Peak. The wooden houses of Olsa will instantly grab your attention and you’ll feel a desire to explore this beautiful village. It is believed that Yudhisthir of the Mahabharata was sent to heaven with the dog from this peak. The ancestor of the people of this region have great influence of characters of Mahabharata and is said to be under Kauravas and Pandavas.


The care taken by the GVK team was insane. One of the trek leaders hikes on the front foot making sure everything is fantastic and the second one, at last, to make sure no one is left behind. They constantly take weather updates for our safety. As we reach any campsite, the rest of the team sets up the camps, prepares the food, and welcomes the tired trekkers with chai with a view. Being equipped with medical emergency stuff, it’s okay to rely on them for anything and everything cause they are experienced to make our experience blissful.

I have done the trek and I urge you to do so too!

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Aditi Gupta
January 18, 2024
I did HAR KI DUN trek on MARCH '23. It was my first Himalayan trek.. Experience was great.. They have skilled, professional Trek leader.... Overall a great experience with GVH

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