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Highest Point
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                                   About Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

One of the giant snow-capped Himalayan peaks lying at the end of the eastern Kumaon region; Panchachuli Peak is a famous attraction of Uttarakhand. The peaks have religious significance for the locals and for the adventurists its Base Camp is an ideal option for a short trek. Usually, {GVH}  trekkers thronged towards the base camp of the Panchachuli Peak between May and September.

Starting from Almora, the trekking trail passes through Dharchula, Tawaghat, Sobla, Dhar, Sela, Balling, and Duktu, and then finally concludes at Panchachuli. During the journey, trekkers will come across gorgeous Darma Valley, which offers the splendid view of the Panchachuli peaks. The trail from Duktu to Panchachuli glacier is hard to follow. However, determination and strategy can help to overcome these difficulties. The route that heads to Panchachuli glacier traverses through enthralling scenery with snow-capped mountains gushing streams, alpine meadows and rich flora and fauna. The trail also goes through several tribal villages like Bongling, Sela, Nagling, Baaling and Duktu and cuts and run through Dhauliganga and thick forests of deodar and Bhojpatra and conifer.

The ethereal feel all through the expedition is what makes this trek different from others. Description of this trek can’t be done in few words; it would be an injustice to the scenery that unfolds in front of trekkers eyes to behold.

                {GREEN VALLEY HIMALAYAS}

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

COST-:  12599 / person

Altitude  -: 4260 mtr

duration -: 3 N / 4 D

panchachulli trek ITINERARY 

day 1. dharchulla to narayanashram

day 2. narayanashran to dugtu -: 58 km

day 3. dagtu to panchachulli base camp [ ZERO POINT ] -: 6 km [ same day back to dantu – 2 km

Day 4. dantu to darchulla


The Panchachuli Base Camp Trek takes you to the mesmerizing Panchachuli Base Camp at an elevation of 4260 mts with the five peaks of Panchachuli soaring grandiosely in the background.

Among the five peaks, Panchachuli II has the highest elevation at 6,904 mts. Panchachuli I stand tall at an elevation of 6,355 mts, III at 6,312 mts, IV at 6,334 mts, and V at 6,437 mts.

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Best Time to Visit Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Summer: Summer months mid-March till mid-June are the best time to trek to Panchachuli Base Camp Trek. The sun warms up the cool region of Panchachuli Base Camp Trek and trekkers find it easy to cope with the environment.

Monsoon: During monsoon season, the route gets slippery and trekkers find it very difficult to make through the route.

Spring: Mid-September to late October, the charming spring favors trekkers to make way to Panchachuli Base Camp Trek. Pleasing sun and calm weather.

Winter: season starting from November till late February, the temperature falls significantly low and thus tourists cannot trek in Panchachuli Base Camp.



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