Highest Point
35 Km
Trail Length

Embark on a visual feast as you traverse the enchanting Ali Bedni Bugyal, two adjacent alpine meadows that together create a captivating trekking experience. Picture spending two days surrounded by vast expanses of Bugyal, adorned with varying hues of green, yellow, and even golden brown. This trek, open year-round, offers an ever-changing landscape, from snow-covered blankets in winter to flourishing wildflowers during monsoons.

Breathtaking Peaks and Unpredictable Weather

Ali and Bedni Bugyal present a mesmerizing backdrop with close-up views of Trishul, Nandaghunti, and Mrigthuni from the Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas. The weather on these Bugyals is famously fickle, earning it the local saying, “Mumbai ka fashion aur Bugyal ka mausam,” signifying the frequent weather changes. Mornings offer clear mountain views, while afternoons are embraced by a mystical mist.

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A Tale of Two Campsites

The trek boasts two remarkable campsites. Ali Bugyal Forest camp sits on the fringe of the forest and grassland, providing a splendid view of towering mountains. Gahroli Patal, nestled within an Oak and conifer forest, is a serene camping spot. Additionally, a climb to Bedni Top (~300 m/1000 ft) unfolds panoramic views of the Garhwal heartland, from Neelkanth and Mandani peaks to the magnificent Chaukhamba pillars.

Brief Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Drive from Rishikesh (6 a.m.) to Lohajung (~2320 m/7600 ft) – 250 Km by car – 10/11 hours. Lodge accommodation (3/4 sharing).
  • Day 2: Trek to Didna village (~2480 m/8135 ft) – 10 Km – 5 hours. Homestay on a sharing basis.
  • Day 3: Trek to Abin Kharak camp beside Ali Bugyal (~ 3350 m/11000 ft) – 8 Km – 5/6 hours. Twin sharing tent.
  • Day 4: Climb to Bedni Top (~3800 m/12500 ft) and descend to Bedni Bugyal meadows – explore (Bedni Kund, Nanda Devi temple, etc.) – lunch – trek down to Gahroli Patal (~ 3200 m/10500 ft) – 8 Km – 6/7 hours total hike. Twin sharing Tent.
  • Day 5: Descent to Wan village – 9 Km – 4/5 hours – drive to Lohajung – 15 Km – 45 mins. Lodge (3/4 sharing).
  • Day 6: Drive from Lohajung to Rishikesh– 250 – 10/11 hours. Dehradun airport or Haridwar is another 1 hour from Rishikesh.

Important Notes on Itinerary:

  • Reach Rishikesh on Day 0; you can fly to Dehradun (DED) or take Uttarakhand state transport Volvo bus services from ISBT Kashmiri Gate Delhi to Rishikesh. Arrange your stay accordingly.
  • Shared transportation is available from Rishikesh on Day 1 at 6 a.m. Alternatively, reach the base camp independently.
  • Cab fare is shared equally by team members (NOT included in TREK FEE).
  • Last ATM at Deval, 25 Km before, with occasional cash issues. Withdraw in advance.
  • Mobile connectivity: Airtel & Jio networks work at basecamp Lohajung and Didna village.

ali bedni bugyal trek

Seasons & Best Time to Visit:

  • Summer (May – June): Meadows turn green, with clear mornings and occasional afternoon showers.
  • Monsoon (Jul – Aug): Bursting with wildflowers; suitable for those who enjoy rain-soaked beauty.
  • Post Monsoon/Autumn (Sep to Nov): Grass turns yellow-golden; clear mountain views after the monsoon.
  • Winter (Dec to Feb): Snow blankets Bugyals; trek offers solitude and serene beauty.
  • Spring (Mar-Apr): Clear mountain views with residual snow, especially in March.

Winter Snow Trek: For a tranquil winter trek with a chance of snow, visit between late December to mid-February. Less crowded than popular winter treks, Ali Bedni Bugyal offers a serene atmosphere and breathtaking views.

ali bedni bugyal


Additional Highlights: Beyond the stunning landscapes, the trek introduces you to picturesque villages like Didna and Wan. Encounter the simple lifestyle of friendly locals and visit the Latu Devta temple in Wan village. This trail was once part of the famous Roopkund trek, providing a serene alternative due to a camping ban on meadows.

Temperature Ranges:

  • Winter (Dec to Feb): Lohajung: 2° to -5°C; Didna: 0°C to -5°C; Ali Bugyal Forest camp: -5°C to -10°C; Gahroli Patal: 0°C to -8°C.
  • Spring-Summer & Autumn (Mar to Nov): Daytime pleasant, ranging up to 25°C; nighttime temperatures between 10°C to 5°C.
  • Clothing Recommendations: Ensure you carry three layers of clothing, including a moisture-wicking base layer, a warm mid-layer, and a weatherproof outer layer.

Access to Trek Base Lohajung

Arranged pickup from Rishikesh to Lohajung can be organized on a cost-sharing basis. Alternatively, reach Lohajung independently and join the trek from there.

Discover the tranquility of Ali and Bedni Bugyal, a trek that weaves together the beauty of nature, the warmth of local culture, and the thrill of exploration.

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Duration: 4 Days of trek; Rishikesh to Rishikesh in 6 days.

Prerequisite: Ideal for experienced, good for physically fit beginners.

Grade: Moderate

Physicality: 6/10

Trail Length: 35 Km

Highest Point: Bedni Top ~ 3810 m/12500 ft.

Seasons: March to May (Spring-Summer/Snow), June to September (for greener meadows), December to February (Winter/Snow)

Further Option: Continue trekking from Wan, via Tilburi reach Brahma Tal, and descend to Lohajung. 7-8 trekking days.

Access: Trek starting point (trek base) is Lohajung, 250 Km from Rishikesh.

Railway station: Haridwar (STN Code: HW). Rishikesh is 1 hour from here, 25 Km

 Airport: Dehradun (DED) or Delhi

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Upcoming Scheduled Dates for Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek:

  • You can easily find the scheduled Fixed Departure dates in the calendar provided inside the Booking Form or the REGISTER NOW form. The starting dates of the tour are highlighted as per our 6-day itinerary.
  • To receive all the necessary information, simply submit the REGISTER NOW form, and it will be sent to your email.
  • In case you are part of a group and the available dates do not align with your schedule, you have the option to select the Custom date mode by clicking on “Select your custom date” and filling out the displayed form accordingly.
  • Alternatively, you can conveniently view all the available dates at a glance on our TREK CALENDAR.
  • Trekkers are required to arrive in Rishikesh on Day 1 morning, ideally no later than 6 am. The return to Rishikesh is scheduled for Day 5 evening, around 6 to 7 pm. Please make arrangements for your tickets for the inward journey and return accordingly.
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Getting to Lohajung (The Trek Base)

By Train: The nearest rail stations are Rishikesh (STN Code: RKSH, YNRK) and Haridwar (STN Code: HW). Rishikesh is just 1 hour away from Haridwar, approximately 25 km. Travelers can reach Kathgodam/Haldwani from these stations and then proceed to Lohajung.

By Air: The nearest airports are in Dehradun (Code: DED) or Delhi. From either airport, travelers can reach Kathgodam/Haldwani and then proceed to Lohajung.

Pickup and Drop Service: We offer pickup and drop services from Kathgodam to Lohajung and back. The fare is shared equally among team members. The cost for a one-way journey is Rs. 5500 for a Tata Sumo/Mahindra Maxx and Rs. 9000 for a Tempo Traveller.

Public Transportation: If traveling independently, there are no direct buses or shared car services from Kathgodam to Lohajung. Travelers can reach Haldwani by 6 am and take a shared jeep service to Deval, which is 25 km before Lohajung. From Deval, another shared service or private hire may be necessary to reach Lohajung.

From Haridwar/Rishikesh: Travelers can reach Rishikesh the night before and board a bus for Mandoli/Lohajung at 5 am the next morning. This privately operated bus takes 12 to 14 hours to reach Lohajung. The route passes through Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Karanprayag, Tharali, and Deval.

Return from Lohajung: Buses to Rishikesh depart early in the morning from Lohajung and reach by 6 pm.

How to Reach Kathgodam?

For treks in Kumaon or bordering areas of Garhwal, Kathgodam/Haldwani is the usual starting point. Lal Kuan is just 20 km and Haldwani is 5 km before Kathgodam. Buses, shared taxis, and private cars are available.

By Train: Trains from New Delhi to Kathgodam run daily. Recommended options include RANIKHET EXP (Train No. 15013), UTR SAMPRK K EX (Train No. 15035), and ANVT KGM SHT (Train No. 12040). Sleeper class (SL)/Second Sitting class (2S) tickets are advisable.

By Bus: Govt. Road Transport buses are available from Anand Vihar ISBT in Delhi. State transport companies offer online reservations for Volvo/A.C Luxury buses.

Accommodation in Kathgodam: For those arriving the day before the trek, standard accommodation options are available in Kathgodam. State-run KMVN operates a Tourist Rest House opposite the railway station. Private hotels/lodges near the railway station and bus terminus are also available.

Departure from Kathgodam: Travelers typically reach Kathgodam from the trek base by 5/6 pm. Trains or buses departing after 7 pm are suitable for onward journeys to Delhi or elsewhere.

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Day 1

Drive from Rishikesh to Lohajung

Depart from Rishikesh in the morning for a thrilling drive to Lohajung, covering a distance of 250 km in approximately 10/11 hours.
Traverse through the picturesque landscapes of the Kumaon region, passing by charming towns like Almora and Kausani.
Witness the breathtaking sunset hues on the Nandaghunti massif as you arrive at Lohajung, situated at an elevation of ~2320 m/7600 ft.
Check in at the Tourist Rest House/Lodge and prepare for an unforgettable alpine adventure.
Day 2

Trek to Didna

Begin your trekking expedition with a 10 km journey to Didna, taking around 5 hours to reach this enchanting destination.
Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the Himalayan trails, surrounded by lush greenery and towering peaks.
Settle into the tranquility of Didna for an overnight stay amidst the picturesque Himalayan vistas.
Day 3

Trek to Abin Kharak Camp

Embark on an exhilarating 8 km trek to Abin Kharak camp, experiencing the beauty of the Himalayan wilderness along the way.
Traverse through rugged terrain and verdant forests, soaking in the pristine beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Arrive at Abin Kharak camp after a journey spanning 5/6 hours, and unwind amidst the tranquility of nature.
Day 4

Explore Bedni Bugyal and Gahroli Patal

Begin the day with a climb to Bedni’s top, offering panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan peaks.
Explore the expansive meadows of Bedni Bugyal, adorned with vibrant wildflowers and surrounded by towering mountains.
Descend to Gahroli Patal after a day of exploration, covering a distance of 7 km in approximately 6/7 hours.
Relish the tranquility of Gahroli Patal and spend the night surrounded by the serene Himalayan landscape.
Day 5

Trek to Wan and Return to Lohajung

Trek down to Wan, covering a distance of 9 km in approximately 4/5 hours, and prepare for the journey back to Lohajung.
Board a car for the scenic drive back to Lohajung, taking around 1 hour to reach this charming mountain town.
Relax and rejuvenate amidst the serene ambiance of Lohajung, reminiscing about the adventures of the past few days.
Day 6

Return Journey to Rishikesh

Bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Lohajung and embark on the return journey to Rishikesh.
Follow the picturesque route back to Rishikesh, passing by scenic towns and breathtaking vistas along the way.
Arrive in Rishikesh, concluding the journey with a sense of fulfillment and unforgettable memories.

Note: The distances and altitudes provided are approximate, offering an overview of the trekking itinerary.

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Trek Fee: ₹ 9,950 (Lohajung to Lohajung) + 5% GST.

– This cost is applicable for Fixed Group Departure treks. Dates for such treks can be found in the Booking Enquiry Form or the Upcoming Treks Calendar.
– A 10% Group Discount is available for bookings of 5 persons or more in a Fixed Group Departure trek.
– Customized treks are available for private groups with flexible dates. The cost varies based on the number of participants and inclusions.
– To book a trek, submit the Booking Enquiry Form on the trek details page to receive relevant details via email and phone call.

2 nights accommodation at Lohajung (Day 1 & Day 5) in a shared lodge (3 to 4 persons).
Tent stay on twin twin-sharing basis during the trek.
All meals during the trek, including breakfast, packed/hot lunch, evening snack, and dinner with coffee/tea/soup.
Experienced Trekking Guide with local knowledge.
Specialized Cook, Support staff, and Porters/Packed Animals.
Camping equipment like Sleeping bag, Carry mattress, Gaiters, Microspikes/Crampon.
Kitchen tent, dining tent, and toilet tent.
All permit fees, camping charges, and forest levies.
Car drop from trek end point Wan to Lohajung on Day 5.
Basic Medical & First Aid kit.
Travel cum medical insurance covering high altitude trekking tours (For Indian nationals up to 60 years of age).

Transportation from Rishikesh to Lohajung and back (₹ 7,500 for Tata Sumo and ₹ 10,500 for Tempo Traveller, one way). Alternatively, trekkers may reach Lohajung independently.
Personal Rucksack/Backpack carrying personal belongings (optional horse carriage service available at ₹ 1,200 per rucksack for the entire trek).
Additional charge of ₹ 2,000 + 5% GST per person for foreigners towards permits/entry tickets/levies.
Tips/gratuities to the HT support staff.
Anything not mentioned in the “Inclusions” or personal.

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  • We assume that you have read and understood our “Terms & Conditions” (https://greenvalleyhimalayas.com/terms-and-conditions) before Booking a trek/tour.
  • To reserve your place in a scheduled Fixed Departure trek or a Customised/Private trek pay 25% of the TREK/TOUR FEE as the initial “Booking Deposit”. You can pay by Net banking/Draft/Cheque/Credit/Debit/AMEX cards. This will ensure your participation in the desired trek and we will reserve your place on the scheduled date. You need to pay the remaining amount at least 15 days before the Trek Starting Date.
  • If you book a Trek/Tour before 14 days or less from the Trek/Tour Starting Date, you need to pay the full TREK/TOUR FEE.


  • “Booking Amount” i.e.25% of the TREK/TOUR FEE is Non-Refundable at any stage.
  • If in case you are not able to make it due to unavoidable reasons (s), we provide you avery flexible choice of Shifting to another trek within the next one year. One year is counted from the starting date of the trek/tour you booked initially with us.
  • In case you postpone your trip you need to inform a minimum of 15 days before the trek/tour starting date. (Though we suggest to inform us earlier if know)
  • In case you postpone a trek/tour 15 days before the scheduled Trek/Tour Starting date or prior, you may shift to another group of the same trek/tour scheduled in the same season or within the next one year. You may shift to another suitable route also. For changing any, you need our approval first. Your request must be in written communication through your registered email with us.
  • If you cancel/postpone a trek/tour from 14 days to 8 days before the tour starting date, your Booking Amount is Non-Refundable. We will not take any requests for shifting dates. We will charge 50% of the amount as Cancellation Charges and process a refund of the remaining 50%. You may also shift to another group within next year but 25% Booking Amount will be deemed as Cancellation Charge and the rest amount will be transferred to the shifted group.
  • If you cancel a trek/tour 7 days (i.e. a week) before the Trek/Tour Starting Date or later, there will be NO REFUND.
  • In case of any unforeseen incident including but not limited to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, landslide, forest fire, or any political unrest, if we are compelled to cancel the trek/trip, you will be entitled to redeem the full amount for the same/similar kind of trek/trip within next one year.

If you need more clarifications write to info@greenvalleyhimalayas.com

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